The ADSS Server ™ platform provides comprehensive digital signature creation, verification and time-stamping services to any online application needing to trust documents and data that it sends out or receives. It is one server product but marketed under various names depending on the modules selected.

ADSS OCSP Server  An RFC 2560 compliant OCSP Responder for real time certificate status checking.

ADSS TSA Server  An RFC 3161 compliant Time Stamp Authority ( TSA) used for the generation of secure cryptographic timestamps.

ADSS CA Server  An RFC 3280 compliant Web Services CA for certificate issuance and management.

ADSS XKMS Server  An XML Key Management Specification 2.0 server.

ADSS SCVP Server  An RFC 5055 compliant SCVP Server intended for complete certificate chain validation.

ADSS Archive Server  Provides secure archiving for any document type including PDF, Office and other files such as legal, financial, personnel, safety and even engineering drawings or project plans.



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