TSG, Inc. provides technical consulting for a broad range of industries including wireless, telecommunications, financial services, instrumentation and government. TSG Inc. engineers have extensive experience in the design and development of products and services for applications such as mobile Internet, computer security, and content protection. We can supplement a company's efforts in:

  • System architecture design
  • Product specifications
  • System integration and testing
  • Technology and product evaluation
  • Vendor negotiation and selection
  • Project management
  • Patent litigation
  • Support of regulatory approval and testing (FCC, CSA, UL)
  • Development and interpretation of industry standards for digital cellular, mobile computing, and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Security Consulting

  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Infrastructure Planning
  • Security Implementation & Management
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Vulnerability assessment

Technology Training

  • Customized training sessions
  • Curriculum development
  • Documentation development

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